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Adopt a Code of Conduct for contributors of the NFTX DAO to follow.


It is my belief that having different predefined standards will allow the DAO to grow more efficiently. Making sure that respect remains mutual throughout the growth of the NFTX community will contribute to avoiding internal conflicts as much as possible. I believe respect is a framework upon which a DAO should be built. If this can improve workflow, the earlier it is implemented the better it is for the DAO.


  • Improves brand value as people know what to expect when interacting with the DAO. Members are not afraid to become contributors and behavior is optimized as less time is lost to arguments.

  • Censorship is always a risk. I doubt this will occur but should always remain a concern moving forward.


  • Demonstrating empathy and kindness toward other individuals
  • Being respectful of differing opinions and perspectives.
  • Giving and accepting constructive feedback kindly.
  • Accountability for ones mistakes
  • Focusing on what is best for the DAO and not on individuals.
  • Act towards having an engaged, inclusive and diverse community of users/contributors/builders
  • Publishing private information pertaining to anything without explicit permission. This includes physical and digital addresses.
  • Follow discord rules
  • APPLIES EVERYHWERE when using an nftx hosted medium of communication (discourse, discord, twitter, etc)



  • Yes : Implement code of conduct
  • No : Disregard code of conduct

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I’m all for a code of conduct, although a lot of these things are assumptions they’re good to have written down and agreed upon.

This is the only thing I’m not sure needs to be in there because it is already covered off as part of the voting. I don’t see anything wrong with people recommending something which will have financial gains for themselves personally, and it would be difficult to define what is individual focussed and not DAO focussed.

If there is anything too bad around individual gains it would get caught during a vote for change.

Do we have any previous examples of a code of conduct that should be followed on a similar project? What’s the next steps (after agreeing/disregarding).

Previous example :

Regarding Dao > Individuals, I think it should be mentioned even though it’s already covered people may forget and this is a governance attack vector (over time). If someone keeps pushing slightly individual proposals (that people don’t notice) they are effectively using the DAO for their own personal gain which imo is wrong and should be prevented if possible.

The next steps would be posting this proposal to snapshot and voting then based on the vote re-write it/cancel or accept it.


thanks for fleshing this out @finesseboi! much needed and welcomed :slight_smile:

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I found this as a potential starter if we don’t have somewhere to start already.

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Sorry for slight delay in vote (had to quit job, lol), but voted yes here.