Event LOG Bug detected

Hi NFTX team

I noticed since few days that NFTX “Buy and Redeem” Method has a BUG where redeemed token gets reported as ethSpent instead of actual ethSpent.
False Data (Log event 293):

Correct Data would be Log event 278 amount1In : 247295064592897954

TXID in question:

Even if small bug, still it has quite an impact on for example sales bot since it dependents on this data. (https://twitter.com/PhunkBot/status/1617778632495071234)

Thanks for submitting!

This was picked up in the discord as well but we’ll also copy over the reply so it’s covered here too.

This will have happened during the deployment of the 0xMarketplaceZap.
In buyAndRedeem , _fillQuote returns quoteAmount in terms of vTokens bought, which is being incorrectly emitted in Buy event as ethSpent
A quick fix for the bot could be to subtract ethAmount from DustReturned event, from the eth value sent in that txn.
The misnaming probably isn’t worth redeploying an entire new zap, but can be flagged and will be updated if there are any substantial upgrades in the future.

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