NFTX Treasury Valuation

Hey all,

I was looking at NFTX recently and realized it had raised a pretty valuable treasury, of which the DAO still owns most of it. It may help for transparency and resource management to have this updated with frequency.

It is also a very rough draft in terms of data gathering and NFT valuations so any feedback or improvements would be welcome.


This is awesome!

Once V2 is out (soontm), most of the vault-data will become obsolete as new vaults will be based on new contracts - would love to adjust those once that’s there.

Yeah thanks for this José. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants help keep track of treasury.

I’m definitely keen for us to get our balance sheet more clearly defined. Everything is onchain, so it can be figured out given the man power, but better if we have it all clearly collated.

Hey, thanks for the comments. Would definitely keep updating when v2 vaults are fully live. What I see the main issue for automation is to get the data from the Sushiswap LP positions, I am not sure if there’s any API that can serve it right now. Otherwise, the rest can clearly be automated further.