HashMask Token Staking?

I have 1 $MASK token. Is there any way I could stake my Hashmark token?


Hey @Nftcraz2021

Yes, you can go to SUSHI and add 1 MASK to the liquidity pool along with the corressponding ETH.

(example using AVASTR)

You then confirm when it shows you how much SLP you are getting and your share of the pool

Once you’ve done that you’ll have SLP tokens in your wallet for that pool. You can then visit the supply page on MASK(Supply Liquidity and Inventory - NFTX App) and choose the SLP to stake (see below example of avastr)

Once you’ve staked that you’ll begin to earn rewards on the activity on the vault (the vault fees).

We are also launching ‘Single Side Staking’ this week so you will be able to stake just your $MASK without pairing it with ETH.