Staking Pool With Single NFT

I am preparing to auction the NFT of a photograph that has become a famous meme across the Internet for 10 years.

Instead of offering this 1/1 NFT for sale to a single collector, could an alternate way of bringing this piece to market be by creating a pool?

My understanding of the creation of NFTX’s Hashmasks pool is that one NFT was staked along with 1 ETH, in return for one ERC-20 token.

Since the pool I am proposing would exist to hold only one NFT, as the owner of the NFT I would stake the NFT plus its equivalent value in ETH to claim one ERC-20 token.

However, my valuation of the NFT is so high that I do not have the equivalent amount of ETH to stake.

Your feedback would be most welcome on the ideas of:

  1. Creating a pool based around a single NFT
  2. Logistics of staking when the owner cannot provided 100% ETH equivalent

With the way AMMs work it is not possible for one to create a pool without the equivalent amount of ETH in regards to the valuation.

I also do not think it would be of use to create a pool for a unique NFT as it would be unredeemable as soon as there would be more than 1 owner.

I think the idea is great but the tech isn’t there yet afaik