Hire ChopChop As Part Of Core Team


Alex Gausman, Scott Lewis, Finesseboi


  • Vesting


  • This proposal is to acquire ChopChop (aka 0xChop) as a second member of the NFTX core team, assisting in operations, marketing & communication. This should help free up Alex to focus more on product and development.


  • As an open-org, it is essential that NFTX hits the ground running. We are very fortunate to have completed the bounties so quickly, and to have such an active (and helpful) community within the first few weeks, but we cannot relax quite yet. The current NFTX frontend is still an MVP and our documentation is also lacking. These are issues that Alex will be attending to this month, as well as a couple PR events to promote our platform.

  • The goal is for our core team to grow slowly and for it to have significant overlap with moderators and community leaders, who are equally indispensable to our mission. ChopChop happens to be available for work now, has previous experience in the industry, and has been one of the prominent leaders in the NFTX community since day one. Therefore, we believe he will make a good first addition.


  • Opportunity
    • ChopChop has already proven to be a valuable contributor and is already working towards the rebrand. Guaranteeing that he can continue on this path will be beneficial for the DAO
  • Risk
    • The only risk is that the competitive package would be incorrectly sized due to a part of the package being allocated in NFTX. This could cause concerns for Chop not being incentivised correctly due to token valuation swings. This can lead into either being overpaid, or underpaid. In any case this is the only risk and can always be re-visited, as tokens are vested.


  • Hiring ChopChop will involve him being responsible for:
    • Operations
    • Communications
    • Integrations
    • Marketing

Funding Request - Yes - Implementation requires funding

  • In order to acquire ChopChop as a core team member, we’d like to offer him the following competitive annual package, for which funds are required from the DAO treasury:
  • 120,000 USDC (+ 1200 NFTX vesting using Superfluid or Sablier) per year. These funds are to be paid up front on a monthly basis to ChopChop’s wallet, after the vote passes.

Proposed Points of Discussion

  • How should we value current and future contributors? How can we attract talent to remain competitive?

Quorum and Governance Notes

  • Minimum Quorum: More than 20% of circulating, non-treasury NFTX must participate for a proposal to Pass. (Exact #?)
  • Passing Threshold: More than 50% of voting tokens must vote FOR for the NIP to Pass. For changes to the NFTX contract, more than 70% of voting tokens must vote FOR for the NIP to pass.
  • Yes: Offer ChopChop proposed package
  • No: Do not offer ChopChop proposed package

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Not a very relevant discussion point, but I’m all aboard the ChopChop train! It’s been a pleasure to contribute with him and I’ve definitely noticed how much value he has already added marketing wise.


I support this, Chopchop will be very valuable to have as a core team member and has already done great work. I like the idea of core team members having vested interested in NFTX via the vested NFTX package, it’s a must have.


Fully support the move for Chop to become a core team member. It’s vital that we have someone knowledgable and clear-minded about what needs to be done and so far Chop has been that person even without the official posting.


Completely for this!! Aboard the ChopChop train as well!!! :partying_face:

Regarding the proposed discussion,

We should make this a priority as i’ve been seeing a few competitors gaining steam (StakeDAO with their airdrop, etc) and we should really have a full proof plan to attract and retain talent. I’ve thought about this quite a bit, and feel there should be a mix between bounties, hackathons(gitcoin) and similar proposals like this for maintaining speed and getting things shipped.


Thanks all for the support <3

Won’t be voting on this Snapshot myself (for obvious reasons), but thanks a lot for all the kind words, made my day!

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Very much in favor of this. Not only does ChopChop have a cute avatar, but they are great to communicate with and hard working!

This is the exact kind of community representative every project wants. Voted in favor!

Worth adding in that this aggressive quorum is great in the short term but will likely become harder to hit as the project scales!

Also, working in web3 is insane. Absolutely love to see hard work being rewarded like this

Long live the Chop!