Draft Proposal - Promote 0xChop to CEO


Alex Gausman


This is a proposal to promote Chop to the role of CEO :slight_smile:


The motivation for this proposal is to acknowledge Chop’s central role and to reduce redundancies in our organizational structure. As founder, everyone (including myself and Chop) assumed I would continue being “CEO” of NFTX. Chop began as our head of operations recently and has exceeded every expectation. He is proactive about getting things done and I find myself increasingly going to him to ask what items are highest priority.

Part of me wanted to wait a bit longer before proposing this, but I really do believe it is the right move for the right reasons and will strengthen our organization. I am not typically concerned with titles, but I believe they can be useful for signalling. Right now I basically hold two titles: founder and CEO, and there is only marginal benefit to having a second title of CEO because the title of founder already denotes me as “important.” When I tell people that they should speak with Chop I would like for it to be obvious that I’m not “pawning them off” and that they really should speak to Chop. Furthermore, Chop has been very respectful of my “seniority” and I would like to empower him to make day-to-day decisions without feeling like he has to “check with Alex first.”

Personally, for myself, I do not see anything changing. I will still be 100% committed to NFTX full-time and I am actually hoping that this will free me up in the future to spend more time on R&D. The NFT space is exploding with growth and I would like to stay plugged into that as much as possible (for the benefit of NFTX). I will also, of course, continue to act as the organization’s guardian by remaining vigilant of governance attacks, voting in ways that I feel are in NFTX’s best long-term interests, and taking care of any/all TradFi expenses such as Web2 account subscriptions. I’m fully in this for life and that won’t change one iota from this proposal.


Chop has been our head of operations for close to a month now and NFTX is growing very quickly. Many will surely agree that Chop has quickly become an invaluable member of our organization, and my hope is that promoting him to the position of CEO will signal that he has authority to speak on behalf of our organization without having to “check with Alex first.” It is also a natural progression to further decentralizing and growing our organization.

Funding request - Yes

I believe a 50% pay bump should accompany this promotion. All things considered, 50% is pretty modest for the position of CEO but seeing as we are already moving quickly and don’t want to get carried away, I think it is a healthy amount. Currently Chop receives 10,000 USDC and 100 NFTX per month, so this would increase that amount to 15,000 USDC and 150 NFTX. In other words, it would require an additional 5000 USDC and 50 NFTX per month from treasury.

Final Comments

Had I been asked two months ago when a new “CEO” would succeed me, I probably would have said at least two years. Even a couple weeks ago I did not expect to propose this so quickly, but in my opinion it is clear that Chop is more than capable to continue doing the great work he has been doing so far. This proposal has nothing to do with me wanting to do less, and everything to do with empowering Chop to do more.

In my opinion this is a natural progression for us, and we are super fortunate to have the opportunity to reach this milestone so early.


Sentiment check
  • Yes, I like this proposal the way it is
  • No, please alter the proposal based on my comments below

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I think Chop’s been doing a great job, and I agree that the titles could be redundant for Alex. Especially if he feels like Chop has been owning the organizational direction and management roles, I think this is a good transition.


I support this, Chop has shown good leadership. Also noting that from personal experience, he has been very open/receptive to feedback on his initiatives, which is always a + for these type of roles


The proposal seems fair. Chop has been a great addition + contributor since the beginning of the NFTX journey.
Also, he has been moving things at NFTX like a CEO or someone equivalent should do.
I vote, yes.

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Chops is doing a great job at pushing the right direction for NFTX as well as upholding the community input side of things. Definite yes from me.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for all the compliments guys!

I’d be more than honoured to execute this position for NFTX as long as needed

Roger that! Chop has been a very welcoming member and his initiative in this project is beyond amazing. A 100% Yes.

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Such modesty and clairvoyance from a founder is amazing. I am down to have 0xChop as CEO :partying_face:


Probably it s to late. Very happy with Chop taking Ceo role. Seems like doing a good job and being very involved.

But package is too high in my opinion. Thats like 50k$ per month. I m not from crypto world, but is this market? Sounds more like wall street!

Are the NFTX vested at least?