Draft Proposal: XIP#14: Extend Kiwi as lead Protocol Engineering by 6 months








This proposal is intended to extend Kiwi his position as senior solidity engineer for an additional 6 months, with the goal to lead further protocol research and development efforts for the NFTX DAO. After having spoken with Kiwi personally, there is mutual interest in extending his position following the same terms and conditions.


To keep an advantage over potential upcoming competition, it is key to retain the top talent that’s currently working in a core position. Kiwi has been leading protocol development for the past 6 months and pushed boundaries for the NFTX protocol together with Alex. Some noteworthy developments spearheaded by Kiwi are V2 itself, buy zaps, protocol revenue staking and the soon-to-be-released single sided staking (inventory providing).

As Kiwi has been contributing on a six-month grant which is due soon, we want to extend his position for an additional 6 month period.

The position to lead NFTXs’ protocol engineering efforts is still targeted to have a 20h/week workload, which is reflected in the offered package.



  • Kiwi has continued to deliver outstanding protocol engineering over the past 6 months, including the soon to be released single sided staking feature.
  • Kiwi has extensive experience developing with, and creating developer communities within the Ethereum ecosystem, being the founder of the CryptoDevs discord.
  • Kiwi can take the NFTX lead for the Trail of Bits audit of the V2 contracts in Q2 2022, and the development of any acknowledged recommendations.


  • None noted.


Extending Kiwi his position keeps him being responsible for:

  • Leading NFTX Protocol Research & Development (R&D)
  • Liaise with other team members and community on mechanism design.
  • Develop and/or delegate feature development according to builder needs
  • Creating and sustaining technical resources for the NFTX ecosystem such as documentation, technical blog posts

Funding request - Yes - Implementation Requires Funding

In order to extend Kiwi his position, we’d like to offer him the following competitive package, for which funds are required from the DAO treasury. Packages are paid as defined below:

  • 84000 USDC 6-months vesting schedule using Sablier.

These funds are to be paid upfront after the vote passes. Extension of his position after 6 months at NFTX will require an additional proposal.


Proposed points of discussion.

  • Compensation

Quorum (For forum)

  • Minimum Quorum: At least 5 votes
  • Passing Threshold: More than 50% must vote in agreement for the XIP to Pass. For changes to the NFTX contract, more than 70% must vote in agreement for the XIP to pass.
  • Yay, please cast to Snapshot
  • Nay

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No brainer, it’s a yes from me.