Weekly Governance Call - #16 - May 5th

Weekly Governance Call #16

Time: May 5th, 4:00 PM UTC

Next call: May 12th, 4:00 PM UTC

Meeting Link: NFTX Governance Call

Calendar Link: NFTX Google Calendar

To avoid distractions, please remain muted and raise your hand unless you are speaking.

Thank you for participating in governance!

  • Preface - Intro by @Gaus @Finesseboi
  • Open to all: Propose specific points of discussion
  • @Javery - Week in Review - 10 MINS
    • Kitty Request mint re-enabled
    • Vault Creation + Management
    • V2 Code Arena
  • Upcoming in Governance
  • Open to all: Discussion - 10 MINS
    • @0xNick: Product Overview
    • Meebits
    • Bored Ape Yacht Club
    • Personal Questions or Comments

If you have any suggestions or ideas on ways to optimize governance calls contact

@Finesseboi or @ChopChop.

Thank you for participating in governance!