Forming an Open NFT Project Collective

Posting this mostly to start a discussion, no formal proposal being made.

NFTX has done a great job of bringing together a lot of NFT makers, from artists to devs to researchers. It’s especially exciting to see participation from so many projects due to the inclusionary nature of the initial raise (Punks, Avastars, Axies, Kitties). I think it would be great if we could also find some way of collaborating on future NFT projects, especially those that help the space as a whole.

I think for projects like e.g. an NFT swapper (like a more powerful version of it can be useful to develop standards and interoperability together; this is especially true for projects which benefit from deep liquidity.

I think as a start, if people like this idea, we could have a special chatroom for builders in the Discord, and we can do some marketing specifically inviting different NFT makers to come in if they want to discuss collaborating on different projects.

Some specific projects which might be a good fit for this type of collab:

  1. NFT specific info indexers (think TheGraph but focused on indexing NFT info, as well as off-chain info that’s certified on-chain)
  2. NFT swappers (something like, but allows for multiple swaps to achieve your desired trade)
  3. API standards (e.g. encoding metadata on-chain, staking ERC-721 for an ERC-20 in a modified SNXRewards contract, governance with NFTs to vote,

I really love this idea and think it has a lot of potential. In addition to the projects you mentioned @0_0, I have always liked the thought of NFTX having a rich educational resources section. Some people may remember Loom, and how they sort of filled this void in the NFT dev sector with projects like the CryptoZombies tutorials.

One thing which was cool about the CryptoZombies tutorials is that you earned an NFT by completing them. I think there is a lot of potential by combining tokenized milestones with education, and if we were able to build interactive tutorials (like cryprozombies) which guided users through the basics of (1) making a simple indexer, (2) making a simple erc721 swap widget, etc. — in addition to building such tools, then that would be really, really awesome.

Sorry to go so off-topic with my response. I think that this idea for a dev collective is great with or without the educational aspect. I probably don’t have much time to dedicate during the next couple months, but happy to support this idea publicly if there is anything needed from the DAO.


Ah, you’re right. Additional documentation and tutorials are also a very important thing. Tokenized milestones is right up RabbitHole’s alley, so they may also be someone we could try looping in.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to move some of the DAO funds to this, but if we were able to set up some proposals to fund these sorts of public goods / education initiatives, I think that would help as well.

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Totally cool with this, although personally I would prefer to see some benevolent contributions first before we start incentivizing. Once one or two people have distinguished themselves as being capable and passionate then that is a healthier time and place to begin considering universal rewards (in my opinion).