Side Projects — We Need YOU!

I finally made a list of tasks that I do not think I will have time for this month but which would be great for other community members to work on, should any of you be so inclined.

I call these projects “side projects” and you can view them here.

Please take a look and see if there are any you would like to adopt. Feel free to collaborate in pairs or groups. There won’t be any direct compensation for the completion of side projects now but perhaps that’s something that we can change in the future.


I’ve been wanting to chat with the RabbitHole team for personal reasons as well, so I’d like to take point on reaching out to Brian for the RabbitHole task.

Is DM’ing on Twitter the best way to start? I think we might also have some mutual friends. If someone in the NFTX community can make an intro on TG or DC, that would also work and would probably be the most topical way to move forward.

If no one knows him, I can just go ahead.

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Awesome! Thanks @0_0 — I think reaching out on twitter is cool. I can shoot him a DM letting him know you will be contacting. What’s your twitter handle if you don’t mind me asking?

I’ll reach out using this handle. (it’s got underscores and I don’t know how to escape them.)

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Oh hey Owen. Didn’t realize that was you :slight_smile: — I just let Brian know you will message him sometime in the coming days.

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I’ve talked with the RabbitHole guys on Discord about this ~9 days ago, until the point where they started to ask about treasury/grants allocations (which was 0 at that time.

Check context below - you can pick up the conversation with @bflynn there @0_0


Yup! Here’s what I got in response:

  1. Tasks we want users to incentivize (creating a pool, buying shares, etc)
  1. Number of rewards to give per user in NFTX (usually needs to be > estimated gas prices to do tasks
  1. Budget (ie. How many people are eligible for the reward, usual number is 250-500)
  1. Subgraph - does nftx have a working subgraph?

We ask for a small manageable fee to facilitate this as well just to pay for the dev hours for integration

Let me know if you can get the above and if it sounds good!

So my understanding of the above is that we’ve got a list of possible tasks that Chop listed for integration.

Rewards could be maybe $10-$20 in NFTX? Not sure about the budget/treasury situation, I’ll leave that for other people to chime in.

IIRC we have no sub-graph, but @alexgausman has a server we could probably give the team access to.

So, the main points of discussion seem to be:

  1. What actions do we incentivize?
  2. How much?
  3. How many people?

Thanks guys! We do not have a subgraph yet. I have added this to my Asana todo’s (which I will get to after I complete other January deliverables). I have also updated the Side Project @0_0 to reflect that it is currently blocked and waiting on me. To be honest, we should probably wait until I am done the January deliverables anyway before moving forward with rabbithole (since there are some frontend bugs I still need to fix).

Regarding which actions we should incentivize and how much… Part of the goal of the Side Projects is to (A) limit my involvement and (B) give community leaders a chance to make management-level decisions without a lot of downside risk if things go poorly. So, I would prefer if you think about what sort of actions you think would be good for us to incentivize, and how much you (as an NFTX holder and contributor) would like to see us allocate to rewards. However, I am also happy to share my opinion :slight_smile:

Personally I would like to see us incentivize basically everything that it’s possible for users to do, most of which will fall into two categories (fund interaction, and fund creation). Fund interaction includes stuff like minting, redeeming, requesting to mint, minting and redeeming for the express purpose of swapping an item for random item, etc. Fund creation activities include (obviously…) creating funds and perhaps even different types of funds (e.g. D1, D2). To start though I would say just three things need to be focused on: minting D1, redeeming D1, and creating a D1 fund.

Feel free to start working on a proposal in the mean time while you wait for me to complete the dev deliverables.


I’m gonna try to set up an NFTX pool this week for 0xmons. Along the way, I’ll try to keep track of what stuff I did, and how I think we can incentivize some of the steps.