January Deliverables

Things I will do:

  • Deploy RESTful backend on Heroku to improve onchain data aggregation
  • Connect price feeds from Balancer & Uniswap to NFTX frontend
  • Add two dropdowns to homepage for filtering funds (defaults in italic):
    • [Featured, Not featured, Any]
    • [D1 funds, D2 funds, Any ]
  • Add ability to mint and redeem D2 funds
  • Add ability to create D1 & D2 funds from frontend
  • Fix mobile view
  • Fix frontend console errors

Things others can help with:

  • Publish tutorials for minting and redeeming D2 funds
  • Publish tutorials for creating D1 & D2 funds

Got you on the publishing tutorials part, will get to work asap


Awesome, thanks ak. I will hit you up when the time comes. Probably in a week or so. Just gotta implement some frontend stuff first.

I can help you out with that too.

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