Decentraland wearables and land index

I would like to propose to create dcl land and wearables index funds.

I am one of the Dappcraft team co founders , we are creators of several successful collections of wearables in DCL.
So we know the market quiet well and are sure that the nftx idea will bring lots of attention form dcl community to nftx.

What should I start with ?


Hey @Denis17, happy to have you on the forums!

Great idea and more than happy to assist - I’ve gotten some other DMs from other projects that would like to launch their funds as well, so great to see there’s organic interest towards launching NFTX indices.

Alex is currently working hard on fixing some last bugs on the frontend which are blocking from making D2 pools easily, which is scheduled to be somewhat finished at the end of this week. Simultaneously, I and other contributors are working on better tutorials & documentation to get get started on setting up D1 pools (Input pools) and D2 pools (top-level funds).

I’d advise you to give it a few days if you want to go all by yourself - if you want to get started today, hit me up on Discord & I’m happy to assist


Sure. Will wait till front end is ready.

To entertain you a little.
Here is our legendary collection
Nifty BlockSmith


Hey @Denis17. Love this idea. As Chop mentioned, I am working to get the frontend finished so that the fund creation project is easier. Should be ready within the next couple days with more tutorials later this week. Stay tuned (and apologies for the delay!)

Thanks. Patiently waiting

Thanks again, shouldn’t be much longer