NFTx Digital Marketing

Traffic Annalysis-

I have shared a report on the traffic we get and some data regarding bounce rates.

Ideas on increasing required traffic-

1- More mentions on blog sites. Backlinks can help a lot and medium articles, we are already on that path. We are getting a good amount of backlinks from coingecko.

2- Social media marketing. Frequent posts about where we are in our project and how does the user benefits from it.
As we are in a decentralized web we don’t have to sell what we don’t do. Direct and well-designed posts are perfect. We are good at it already.

3- Website HTML tags have to be aligned with search engine tactics.

4- Seo-friendly content will take us a long way.

Very wide ideas I know, but I am just informing the basics as we are still in the developing stage and doing pretty well in terms of traffic.

Hope I was able to contribute something. happy to be here!

does the site have good meta tags? highly recommend doing those for each page / fund and adding twitter metatags as well.


I am doing a Seo audit of the site rn, and meta tags are not yet integrated as we are still developing and adding content.

Great suggestions!

We should have customised Twitter and Opengraph images and messaging for social sharing links, I’ll add that to the backlog for design and development too.


In my recent report on Site audit there are few things we can change rn-

  1. Add the heading on the landing page as H1 category. That will help the engine pick up the page faster.
  2. Low word count in the description.