XIP#39 - Extend Quag as Product Development Lead


Core Team


This proposal is intended to extend the position of quag, to continue leading product development at NFTX, for an additional year.


Since the start of NFTX, we went through a broad expansion of the DAOs’ Core team by appointing individuals to the Protocol or Product Squad, which in the long run has caused minor organizational inefficiencies. While the Core team has already solved these by acting as one horizontal organization, the yearly proposals were still merged.

Through this proposal (and XIP#40 + 41), we’re separating this process into extending each individual position independently.

Quag has been active as the lead product development within the Core team, being responsible for shipping products on NFTX.io, while being highly active within the NFT scene under the FloorDAO umbrella. Quag has shown that he is on point with what moves markets, and creating products to remain at the forefront of NFTfi.

In the run towards shipping the third version of NFTX, both on protocol and product level, the core team would like to extend quag’s position. This guarantees the DAO with a lead that is able to ship an end-user product suite that is tailored towards the v3 protocol on release day, which is due later this year.

If this proposal passes, quag’s position on the Core squad of NFTX will be extended for an additional year, according to the specifications listed below.



  • By retaining quag, NFTX operations are able to continue as is in the build-up towards launching NFTX v3 later this year.

  • Extending quag allows him to further execute the mid-to-long-term roadmap defined by Core.


  • None noted.


If this proposal passes, Quag maintains responsibility for leading product development (earlier noted as Web3 development). His main responsibilities are to

  • Lead NFTX product development on a daily basis

  • Develop and/or delegate feature development according to community builder needs

  • Build product(s) that contribute to the increase of NFT liquidity, inventory, and volumes across the board.

  • Work closely with BD to ensure the products support our target audiences and use cases

  • Work closely with Design to build out UX, interfaces, and component libraries

  • Work closely with Protocol to ensure the UI implements all functionality

  • Staying up to date with the best practices in web3 development and rolling these into the product suite when appropriate

  • Be available for interviews/recordings to discuss NFTX with the broader DeFi/NFTFi ecosystem

Funding request - Yes - Implementation Requires Funding

  • In order to extend the position of quag, we’d like to offer him a similar competitive annual package to the previous year, for which funds are required from the DAO treasury. Packages are paid with a 75-to-25% ratio in USDC/NFTX.

The total amount of funds required from the treasury:

  • 131250 USDC yearly vesting schedule using Sablier (or Superfluid/Llamapay if preferred).

  • NFTX (worth 43750 USD), paid out in advance quarterly at spot price.

These funds are to be paid from the DAO Treasury after the vote passes.


Proposed points of discussion.

  • Compensation

Quorum (For forum)

  • Minimum Quorum: At least 5 votes

  • Passing Threshold: More than 50% must vote in agreement for the XIP to Pass. For changes to the NFTX contract, more than 70% must vote in agreement for the XIP to pass.

  • Yes, extend Quag
  • No, amend

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Yes. Quag has been instrumental to developing the product we have today and will be even more important for v3, stepping into PM responsibilities as well.

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100% Yes.

I echo the comments made by Jackieboi above. Quag is arguably the biggest contributoooor to the NFTX products you see today, as well as the NFTX V3 in progress.

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