New Funds on Homepage

I have helped two people create custom funds now. They can be viewed at the following links:

Fund 17
Fund 18

The second fund was made by Jesse Walden who is interested in having it added to the homepage. I told him I would pass on the request to the community.

In the coming weeks we will hopefully have many users coming to create funds and it’s important we do our best to make that process as pain free as possible while also having some checks in place so that it can not be abused.

For the record, it is very possible for people to create malicious funds by linking the fund to a malicious ERC20 or ERC721. We also don’t want unused and inactive funds crowding the homepage. Which is why we should probably have a process in placing for deciding which funds get shown and why.

I’m trying to limit number of things I’m doing this week, but wanted to post this hear to make record of it and so that others can perhaps begin brainstorming what sort of system would be best (if anyone has the time or interest in doing so). Thanks!

PS: Congrats to Snowfro — Fund 18 is the first fund to use Art Blocks, and its creation happened entirely organically via user request. Expecting to see many more funds using Art Blocks in the future and would love for our community to stay in close contact with Art Blocks as I believe it has a lot of potential.


This is great to see and congrats to Snowfro!

I can brainstorm a little, with my first thoughts going to that this most likely comes to DAO curation/verification - where additional index fund “listing requests” (similar to how Coingecko works) would be delegated to DAO members / a committee to cross-check legitimacy, with the main intent to keep the homepage free from scams.

Happy to jump on any call with likeminded people that want to brainstorm on this further :slight_smile:


I also think a committee of a couple community members curating funds just to make sure they aren’t outright scams before adding them to the frontpage is the best way to go

then you can still have a section like where pools can be manually imported with an address to check them out if they aren’t listed yet


I was envisaging a list broken into three or four different options

  1. Most popular (verified) tokens
  2. Latest (verified) added tokens
  3. Custom pick of token (featured for a month as voted by Dao)
  4. Best performing (verified) tokens — those whose price is going to the moon over the past 24hrs

To get around any scammed funds I would like to see us include a trust/verification symbol across any funds that are approved by the Dao. For any that haven’t received the approval a note should be put against it to say that it’s available but has not be verified by the Dao.


I like having a sign of DAO verification, and I think having a committee approve before adding to the home page makes sense.

@javery has some great ways for filtering, but I don’t think we need to add all of that immediately to the home page right now. It seems fine that people can hotlink to their funds and the DAO curates the “official” ones on the home page. In the future we can build out the additional filtering criteria.

I don’t think the site is running on a server right now, but in the future having links to the socials/websites for the different funds also seems useful.

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Yes. I would like to keep things as simple as possible to start, but I agree more filtering options should improve the UX with time as we grow.

To start I was thinking about having two filtering options, default in bold:

  • [Featured, Not featured, Any]
  • [D1 funds, D2 funds, Any]

We could have another dropdown which is:

  • [Verified, Not verified, Any]

…but I think this is probably unnecessary to start, and as @0_0 mentioned, we can just not include very new and/or unverified on the homepage—since most users will not want to see those and those who do can go to the URL directly.

For the record, the reason I see “featured” as being important is that many of our users will be novices and will not be familiar with our platform. If they come to the homepage and see PUNK, PUNK-BASIC, etc. then that could be overwhelming and confusing, so I would like us to try to feature only one of each popular NFT collection, meaning that our starting featured set would be: PUNK, AXIE, KITTY, AVASTR, GLYPH, JOY. So only 6 funds on the homepage unless users change “Featured” to “Any”.

In my opinion, this is the best way for us to start, but of course open to other suggestions.