NFT Galleries to show the funds' holdings


I’ve been looking into the needed steps to realize an attractive presentation of the holdings of the different funds and think it might warrant some discussion/planning before one does double work or work runs into the wrong direction. Guess i might want to kick some discussion off. Please correct me, I’m surely wrong :slight_smile:

First let me state some assumptions:

  • It is not the aim to clone clone but to offer a visual attractive overview over all the funds and their NFTs. Something that entices the desire to own a share of a fund as well as giving the feeling that “my” NFTs would be in good company if I would be willing to Mint a D1 token with my NFTs.
  • For this is would be okay to have an distinctively different look to, as probably the former would be more on the marketing side of the project (customer acquisition) and the latter is the tool to work with. Thus website vs dapp I guess.
  • The galleries should offer room for CTA to participate in the various ways you can to NFTX, mint, add liquidity, trade

Technical considerations

  • While the needed information is on the blockchain it would have to be brought in from different contracts, aggregated, persistently stored, and regularly updated. Especially the metadata for each token needs to be stored as making many calls is expensive.
  • Each NFT has its own specifics in terms of visualization (image or video or ?) and further metadata. This means that dealing with a high variety of funds of would mean that the gallery code might have to be modified to be able to show NFTs in a new fund (would all of them implement IERC721Metadata?).
  • As with the homepage (as discussed in a different thread) some sort of selection (active in gallery, featured, …) might have to be made. As well it might be interesting to think of featuring certain NFTs in the holdings


  • Where would the galleries be used? Would they become part of the main site (e.g. an overlay) or would they have an own subdomain?
  • What about design aesthetics? How would that tie into the rebrand?
  • There has been talk of a sub-graph for NFTX. Could this not be part of it? Using the same graph would mean to also have only one codebase to maintain.
  • What about pricing information? Should they be shown?
  • How would this work for D2 funds, as it aggregates D1 the gallery would show all of the NFTs of the D1s? How would one ensure that the more valuable/rare NFTs would stand out?

I see that this little nice to have could become something that is quite big to do. Guess the minimum viable gallery would be a component that could be shown for a manually selected list of funds. More of a viewer for the holdings.



Yes, rad idea!

I’ve got this earmarked as a side project to get something running to better understand using cloudflare workers. Just posting here quickly but will come back to expand on the idea.

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Hey y’all, happy to tackle this. Would be great to connect and jam on how this fits into the larger picture—marketing, as mentioned, is great, and this can also be a funnel to participating as some users may not inherently know what’s in each fund.

Great idea and great questions, @Fluxed!


Love this idea and from marketing page v.s. dapp completely agree - right now the .org is the product, but as time goes on it’s probably better to have that to capture new users with top-level information on NFTXs’ value, content aggregator, and other dao/marketing info, while having the above the fold push you through to product.

For the rebranding part - I’m going to work together with Ben Pieratt, who operates on a format called Pre-Brand, which optimizes for early projects that don’t want to be stuck too much on being boxed into brand guidelines and stay flexible while still staying onbrand on the foundations. The deliverables we’ll get from that process should provide you the flexibility to stay creative, happy to help on that front too!


That all sound already very good. Think what I was mainly after was some basic enabling constraints. A rough decision what would be aimed for at which timeline. Even a side project like the galleries need to fit into the larger picture (and maybe could be built in a way that add to long term value).

I understand that the new branding is in work which will probably take some time. @j_b offered to have a look at some drafts when this is ready right?

Technically, that’s more the part I would be interested helping with I think it would be good to add some more rails to roll on.

  • Will it be an overlay integrated into or running on a subdomain. The latter is probably better as it only requires to cross link at the appropriate places.
  • How and where will the aggregation/caching happen? I’ve been eyeing a subgraph as it might deliver a win-win but this might be take a while. But maybe the galleries could drive that part.

And lastly, how could I help? Am a developer but I just don’t want to run ahead like a headless chicken.


Commenting strictly on the rebranding process: deliverables should be available by the end of February the 5th (the foundation of the brand, including new logo/style & colortheme). Implementations of that will happen over time as we do more frontend/product-oriented things.

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I actually think this would be a cool addition to the funds page itself. It would be nice to have a visual representation of all the NFTs currently in a fund.

Not sure about D2 at this time. I think maybe something like a rotating or random gallery that shows off a selection from across the D1s could be interesting.

I haven’t used subgraph stuff before, but as a first effort, is it so bad to ping the token URI directly? We can use something like this (Contract Address 0xF83eEE39E723526605d784917b6e38ebCF0f0207 | Etherscan) on the front-end to get all the endpoints to query.

If componentized correctly, parts could be brought into the funds page (and that can be explored together or separately). Moving forward with something like seems like a sensical way to validate ideas with the goal of bringing into product where it makes sense.

@0xchop good to hear re: rebrand—excited to see! Happy to give some eyes to it when it’s delivered. Two questions:

  1. Will this be affecting the product’s interface outside of type/color? I’m happy to get started on initial designs if things will remain the same architecturally.
  2. Are you aware of any working design files to leverage for this project? Would like to reuse if/where possible for consistency.

Happy to connect and jam on these ideas together before executing, lmk!


As excited to start! It’s a ‘fast’ process with the intent to get foundational brand visuals right.

  1. Not architecturally as far as I can see for now - mostly the rebrand will focus on the visual identity, brand colors & logo. Implementation of that will be up to UI/UX, with enough room & flexibility for brand illustrations later (when we need them).

  2. Haven’t used any working files myself except for simple GFX templated I created for blog-thumbnails. This might be the right time to move over to Figma for any UI/vector based design work. Feel free to start one, I’ll join!

Happy to jam with ya’ll if I can be of any help from my side!

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Rad! Will be great to see that. Thanks for the responses to the questions. I’ll get a Figma team setup (and since you’re formally on the team, will transfer ownership to you). Is there anyone else UI/UX I should also invite?

(Also, still down to jam!)


As a side project for attractive representation of the nftx holdings - we have built a nftx tower in Decentraland.
Will be happy to add nftx nfts on the walls of the building as well as all needed info about nftx.

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This is a great idea. I was hoping that the underlying code we write to get the NFT galleries working could have it’s own API output to feed through to Denis17 Decentraland area.

Heya, I’m a fronted React dev / designer and I wanna help with this. ANy recs for best way to be help?

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can I get invited to this?

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@Fluxed can you push a DM to me on Discord? Setting up a squad-channel to start day-to-day collaboration on this

Love this thread (although, admitedly, I did skim some comments). Here are my thoughts in no particular order:

  • I envision NFTX having multiple frontends, some of which will inevitably specialize in different features.
  • I envision the future homepage having a toggle button between ERC20 & NFT. Right now the homepage only focuses on the ERC20 fund tokens, but with a toggle, it could be possible to switch so that users can then browse funds in their NFT form (as @Fluxed alluded to).
  • Right now, all NFT redemptions are random, but in the future we will allow users to purchase (redeem) specific NFTs from funds by paying an added premium (likely about 15% or so).

I still need to look into getting a subgraph put together, it’s on my list of deliverables and I’m hoping to get to it by the end of the week.

EDIT: Let me know if there are any question I failed to answer or if anything is needed of me :slight_smile:


Love the idea of redeeming a specific fund having a premium


If anyone is looking for the current development version of the gallery you can find it at