NFTx + {{Artist}} NFT drop on

Creating this to get a feel for what everybody thinks about a possible NFT drop by NFTx .


Being an index fund for NFTs, encouraging and supporting artists by commissioning projects is the best way to engage the community while also creating awareness and the creation of new funds.


I’d leave this to the artist, however upon speaking with a few artist, it is recommended this follows the rebranding rather than preceding it, as the drop should stem from the brand itself.

Some nftx info for the artist to play with:

  • 650,000 supply cap
  • Orangutans :orangutan: :orangutan: ?
  • Brand (logo, colours, font, etc)
    … please comment any more ideas you gett


To begin with, since Erick/Snowfro the founder of ArtBlocks is amongst us, and already expressed excitement and interest towards this idea, we do the collab with ArtBlocks (read/learn more about ArtBlocks underneath).

There are many possible ways in which we could do this and I’ve distilled some of my thoughts below:

Option 1: Incentivize NFTx holders + awareness

Commission an artist to deploy a project on and to only accept NFTX tokens for minting the limited art series.

Option 2: Incentivize fund creation

NFTx + {Artist} NFT for all funds that are finalized over to the DAO with a min level of TVL

Option 3: Incentivize LPs

NFTx + {Artist} NFT for people who provide liquidity to the pools (once we have started the farming)

and more …

We could also mix and match the options, like for example we mix Option 1 & 3, and only accept purchases of the NFT through NFTx/ETH LP tokens. Or mix Option 1 & 2, etc, etc…

Who ?

For a possible collab, plxq has already shown interest!
They have already done a drop with ArtBlocks, and are in the pipeline with a few more projects (which you can checkout on their github as well). So they know their way around the platform.


Depending on what the consensus is regarding the How? part above, I’d time it in line with either the start of our LP farming, new fund creation or before the next d2 fund?

What is ArtBlocks?

Art Blocks is a first of its kind storefront for genuinely programmable on demand generative content that is stored immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain. You pick a style that you like, pay for the work, and a randomly generated version of the content is created by an algorithm and sent to your Ethereum account. The resulting piece might be a static image, 3D model, or an interactive experience. Each output is different and there are endless possibilities for the types of content that can be created on the platform.


I like Option 1 and 2.

I think if it were Option 3, we should incentivize D1-ETH lp or D2-ETH lp rather than direct NFTX-ETH lp because we already have a large liq pool from the initial raise.


I would propose 1 & 3.

1 would definitely raise awareness and demand, while 3 will incentivise the OGs to stay put (also can be released when a new pool is added)

For NFT, it should be mandatory that it should be uniquely representing of NFTX and it’s roots. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think all three options have solid upside. Really love Art Blocks and generative art, so this sounds great. Let me know if anyone needs anything from me!


I think Option 1 and Option 2 have a very simple value proposition whereas Option 3 is more dependent on how it is implemented. I think we should offer NFTs for people who prove liquidity but I’m not sure if I think those should be artist-commissioned as opposed to the current underlyings of d1s or d2s

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I would love to assist in this area, I dabble in NFT’s too and I think this is an amazing outlook on the project. From a marketing point of view, there could not have been a better idea to promote our tokens and usage of the platform.
I can help market this idea and also contribute through NFT art.