Front-end Repo (Help prease?)

I have made the frontend repo public on github. It’s pretty bad and I will try to clean it up more link to repo.

If any others frontend devs in the community have the time and skills to work on this it would be greatly appreciated. Basically just clean it up without breaking anything.

Despite having a degree in CS and quite a bit of solodev experience, I have not spent much time working on teams. So please let me know if there is anything I should do on github regarding merging branches and what-not, since I will retain ownership for the time-being (although I’m happy to share ownership with other devs, assuming community has no issues).

Even if we build an entirely new frontend from scratch after our rebrand, I think there is still value in cleaning this frontend up. Moreover, if development on our frontend v2 takes longer than expected, it will be good to have a clean, working codebase.

Biggest issues with the codebase are (a) not using DRY, aka repeating my code a lot instead of generalizing a component and reusing, (b) lots of unused imports and deprecated, unused proptypes.

If anyone is keen on taking this under their wing I am more than okay for them to make opinionated changes (e.g. if you want to switch to typescript)—no problem.