Notion for Project Management

At the moment I believe we are using Asana for high level project management. I propose we make our primary project management hub.

To be honest, I am not super well acquainted with either product, so totally open to other opinions. The thing I like about Notion is that it is very powerful and allows for intricate networks of linked pages, tables, etc. and is also quite simple to use. In my opinion it’s important for our project management platform of choice to be very flexible so that we can experiment with different workflows and layouts without affecting other workflows and layouts.



I’m 100% for this and am happy to move over to Notion. I’m very-well known with the Notion platform (built an entire internal knowledge hub with it) and do think we can switch the entire Asana board to it, unless anyone has any objections i’m overlooking (mainly devs might miss features).

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I’m also okay with us switching to notion.

Also it is better for us to make the switch early than to bring this up later which could cause bottlenecks to ongoing projects.

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I live inside of notion and it seems like it can be customised much more than Asana.

I’m just configuring a project for the Gallery stuff so if we’re gonna switch, let me know :smiley:

+1 for Notion. Really like the flexibility. Alternatively could look at Airtable.

Yep sounds good to me.

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